Why An Oncology-Specific Coder Is Better For Your Practice

28 October 2022
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In order to get reimbursement from insurance companies, your practice has to submit specific codes that indicate which procedures were done. Obviously, you'd get a trained medical coder to do this work. But if you need to find someone to code oncology procedures and have a choice between a general medical coder or someone who specializes in oncology coding, go with the specialist. You'll find it's a lot easier to work with an oncology-specific coder when dealing with all the paperwork that goes into coding and billing. Read More 

Key Advice for Boards Dealing with Solvency Opinions

23 June 2022
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Sometimes, it's necessary for boards to perform solvency opinions. This is where the assets of a company are looked at in order to see if they are enough to cover the debt of a target company being examined. If your board needs to have one conducted, these protocols are worth following. Find an Experienced Firm In order to gain meaningful insights from a solvency opinion concerning a particular company, it's important that your board partners up with an experienced firm that specializes in carrying out these opinions. Read More 

Tips For Sending International Wire Transfers

4 March 2022
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There are a variety of ways that money is sent to other countries, and one of the most common ways is with a wire transfer. You might not be used to sending money to people in other countries — or at all — so you might not know what to do when you're preparing to send a wire transfer for the first time. As a beginner to this type of financial transaction, you'll probably find these tips to be incredibly helpful. Read More