Don't Believe Bail Bond Myths & Legends

17 November 2021
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For many people, the idea of getting arrested is what TV shows demonstrate. You are locked in a cell on your own with access to one phone call. It looks scary and desolate. While nobody wants to get arrested, the reality is much different from fiction.

These are some of the bail bond myths you should know. Understanding reality may help you make smarter decisions.

The Tale of the 3 A.M. Bail Out

In the movies, you can get bailed out of jail at any time of day. You don't even need to see the judge first. As soon as you get into jail, you can be bailed out immediately.

While there are some cases in which you can get out of jail right away, most often this is not the case. You generally need to see a judge for an arraignment before you can get out of jail. This is where the judge will set your bail. This usually happens during the day.

The Legend of the Single Phone Call

One of the biggest myths about going to jail is that you will get to make just one phone call. You can call somebody, but if they do not answer, you are out of luck. This is very far from reality.

In fact, you will get to access the phone after you are booked into jail. Only one of your calls may be free, but you still have access to the phone to make collect calls. When the recipient answers, they agree to pay for the call. Bail bond companies typically accept these calls.

The Myth of Declined Bail for All

According to the movies, nobody ever gets to bail out of jail. Many people are portrayed as having to stay behind bars while they await trial. Judges in movies often seem to make this judgment call without hesitation.

In reality, this does not happen as often. You are likely to get bail set if you are not deemed a flight risk and if you are not accused of committing an offense that is extremely violent or dangerous to society as a whole.

Bail Bonds Are There For You

No matter what kind of experience you have in jail, it is important that you consider the availability of bail bonds. Reach out to a bail bond company to learn more about what kind of options are available for you.