Don’t Believe Bail Bond Myths & Legends

17 November 2021
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For many people, the idea of getting arrested is what TV shows demonstrate. You are locked in a cell on your own with access to one phone call. It looks scary and desolate. While nobody wants to get arrested, the reality is much different from fiction. These are some of the bail bond myths you should know. Understanding reality may help you make smarter decisions. The Tale of the 3 A. Read More 

Information On Investing In Real Estate By Purchasing An Apartment Complex

12 August 2021
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Investing in real estate can be an exciting and profitable way to go when you decide you want to invest in something. If you have decided you want to invest in real estate and you are thinking about purchasing an apartment complex, then here is some information to help you learn about this type of investing, as well as some helpful advice on managing an apartment complex.  You can invest in any size apartment complex Read More 

4 Things A Financial Planner Can Do To Help Lottery Winners

30 April 2021
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For many individuals, winning the lottery is something that seems like a problem solver. The thought of having millions of dollars might appear to be the answer to making life easier. However, many lottery winners discover that having access to a tremendous amount of money is life-changing. The changes are not always pleasant. Some lottery winners have squandered their winnings in a matter of years due to irresponsible spending habits and poor decisions. Read More 

Advice For Companies Selecting A High-Risk Merchant Account

25 January 2021
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If you run a business and accept credit cards as a form of payment, opening up a merchant account with a credit card processing company is necessary to lead to smooth financial operations. You won't have trouble finding the right processor if you look over this advice. Look Into Fee Structure You want to be careful about the fees you pay for a high-risk merchant account. They will be higher than low-risk accounts, but being strategic lets you find a credit card processor that's best aligned with your company's budget. Read More